Who am I?


Hello – my name is Robert Stewart. I am a 37 year old aspiring amateur triathlete, currently residing in Stevenage and working in London.

This is my fifth season of competing in Triathlons.

To date, I  have competed in …

To date, the Staffordshire Half Ironman in June 2015 and the Outlaw Half 2016 and 2017 in Nottingham  have been my biggest challenges yet!  (1.9k swim, 90k cycle, 21.1k run)

I have also completed the following Half Marathons:

  • Milton Keynes Half Marathon: 4th May 2015, 1hr 48m 19s
  • Reigate Half Marathon: September 20th 2015, 1hr:46m:44s
  • Peterborough Half Marathon: October 11th 2015, 1hr 44m 06s
  • Stevenage Half Marathon: November 1st 2015, 1hr49mins15s
  • Cambridge Half Marathon: 28th February 2016, 1hr 53m 10s

I have also just started running the weekly Park-runs – my results can be found here – my PB at Stevenage is currently 23m:20s.

My Personal Bests include

PB 2016

Half Ironman: 6hr:45m:31s

I have currently raised nearly £3K for the British Heart Foundation – you can sponsor me here.

When not wearing budgie smugglers, lycra, or running shoes, most likely to be seen wearing a heavy metal t-shirt, playing a guitar, going to a gig, or drinking Guinness.

ITU London


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