Cheeky Sprint..!

I haven’t had the opportunity to blog on here for a while, but thought worthwhile considering I just got my London Triathlon race pack through the post…!

Eh?! – London Triathlon I hear you say… well – it’s a bit of a long story.  I will try and keep it brief.  One of my work colleagues who has been very supportive, and shown much interest in my triathlon shenanigans over the years having to come and cheer me on at various events, has decided to do London.  So, I thought I would head over to London and cheer her on and give her some support.

Well, I thought hey ho, if I’m heading into London for an early start to see her on her way, I thought I may as well do it too!

So here we are – a cheeky sprint triathlon off the back of half ironman training.

The transition back to sprint distances and faster and more explosive training has been really fun. I’ve started going to Stevenage Parkrun (amazing turnout each week with around 250+ entrants) and a really nice circuit in Stevenage.  I have managed to get my pace up, a PB of 23m19s and 49 out of 288 with my times down and am now chasing a sub 23minute 5km which is well within my grasp – I actually reckon I could go sub 22mins on the route.  Watch this space.

I’ve also been doing some HIT / hill sessions locally getting my run legs back, and it feels great.

Once again, I’ve been back on the turbo in the garage – the weather has been far from ideal in the garage though – but I am comfortably upping my speed on the bike and have seen my times come down in a relatively short amount of time.

I am actually really excited about London – the last time I was at the London Triathlon, I had a good swim & bike and a poor run.  This time, I want things to be spot on.  I would like to go sub 1hr 30.  Judging by how good my legs feel on the bike, and the efforts that I have made on the bike this year, I am aiming for 1hr 25.  I could actually go faster I think.

So let’s watch this space…..!



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