24 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes and 25 seconds

So, I have not blogged on here for a long while. 

2017 has been even more manic than 2016… gutted that this has been like this, but sadly, I would never have thought that were possible, but it has been, and subsequently, unfortunately, my training has slipped and I have not been able to manage as well as last year. 

That said, I have managed to train in the last few months – not as much as last year – so this year has been tougher.  The one thing I must say is that although my preparation has been far from ideal, my body feels fresh and niggle / injury free – something which in the last two years I had struggled with – couple that with the training block that I have started in the last couple of months could actually stand me in good stead as I will be fresh and ready to roll.

This year, I have however focussed far more on the bike which was my biggest oversight last year so I am hoping that will show / help on race day.  My running legs feel good as well.

My goals this year have changed somewhat – my first goal is to finish! – that is the wisest thing I think considering the lack of preparation this year. 

So without further ado… here is my ‘plan’ for the race, and what I want to achieve on race day:


  • To finish!
  • Enjoy it!
  • Pace – start moderately at beginning of each leg
  • Have fun and don’t worry about time
  • Race my own race, don’t worry about other athletes (especially when they pass me)

Key For Success:

  • Good pacing in each leg
  • Stay healthy, no upset stomach or cramps
  • refuel and hydrate

Race Week:

  • Taper from Weds before race day – last long run 1 week before, not too strenuous
  • In bed by 10:30 every night
  • 15 minutes of stretching morning and night
  • Visualise a strong finish
  • Visualise transitions
  • Review race plan nightly

Day Prior:

  • Visualise a strong finish
  • Visualise transitions
  • Early to bed

Race Morning: (still to flesh this out as I am pending receipt of my wave start time, but it will likely be something like…)

  • 3:00AM:
    • Wake up / have breakfast
    • Get changed / incl HR monitor
    • Stretch & rub down legs
    • Sticker up / body marking
  • 4:30AM: Drive to start
  • 5:00AM: Transition opens
  • 5:30AM: Prepare transition
  • 6:15AM: Race

Swim – 1.2 miles
• 50 minutes (2m:35s per 100m)

Key for Success:
• Relax, avoid anxious thoughts
• Find a good consistent rhythm
• Sight frequently and avoid zigzags
• Breathe often to avoid hyper-ventilating

• Efficiency not effort
• Rhythm
• Sight, sight, sight

• 5 minutes

Bike – 56 miles
• 3 hours 30mins (16 mph / 26 kph average)

Keys for Success:
• Pace, pace, pace – aim for negative split
• Refuel & hydrate
• concentrate on hitting the button on the gearings – not to high cadence, not to heavy a gear selection
• gels every 20 mins (10 total)
• bar every hour (2 total)
• Be safe, avoid accidents

• Light legs and high cadence
• Aero is the way to go

• 5 minutes

Run – 13.1Miles
• 2hours (10.5kph – 5m:42s pacing)

Keys for Success:

• Hydrate at every aid station
• Walk the feed stations – sip & chuck water over head for cooling!
• Gel every 20 minutes (7 total)
• Focus on form
• Focus on even pace

Race targets

To finish inline with my target time for the run, I need to pace things evenly not going out too hard at the start and running out of legs at the end, and not too slow that I will not be able to meet my target.  A sub 2hour 1/2 marathon for me is easily achievable – my form has proved that over the last few years – however a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon in a half ironman / 70.3 has still evaded me thus far.  Let’s face it, I am a run, bike swimmer, and not a swim, bike runner after all..! At Outlaw Half last year (2016), I was on for a sub-2hour 1/2 marathon, but I had some issues with cramps, and losing form during the run because of overexertion in the first 3/4 km’s which I paid for farther down the line – I am not going to make that same mistake this time round.  Ideally, I would like to start off slightly slower for the first few kilometres and finish on negative splits for 17km through to 21km and the finish line! – here’s hoping!

So – with that in mind, these are my kilo-marker target times.

Dist (km)         5:42/km
1                      00:05:42
2                      00:11:24
3                      00:17:06
4                      00:22:48
5                      00:28:30
6                      00:34:12
7                      00:39:54
8                      00:45:36
9                      00:51:18
10                    00:57:00
11                    01:02:42
12                    01:08:24
13                    01:14:06
14                    01:19:48
15                    01:25:30
16                    01:31:12
17                    01:36:54
18                    01:42:36
19                    01:48:18
20                    01:54:00
21                    01:59:42
1/2 Marathon   02:00:00

I am hoping to (somehow or other) print the following splits off, and have them with me on the day – the 5k interval times are to keep me on track, the 7k interval times are there for ease of calculating the 1/2 marathon pace (3 x 7k / 40min = 1/2 marathon time, based on an even pace of course!

Wrist target times:
5                      00:28:30
7                      00:39:54
10                    00:57:00
14                    01:19:48
15                    01:25:30
20                    01:54:00
21                    01:59:42
1/2 Marathon  02:00:00

• Form & Pace.
• Refuel & hydrate

Planned Time: 6 hours 30 minutes
Swim   50 minutes                  (2m:35s per 100m)
T1        5 minutes
Bike     3 hours 30mins           (16 mph / 26 kph average)
T2        5 minutes
Run     2 hours                        (10.5kph – 5m:42s pacing)


Right – so this is in a blog… now I just have to go and do it!


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