Strength / Stability & HIIT

So after a bit of a mid-to the latter part of the-season break, in recent weeks I’ve hit the local gym with the following on my mind:

  • Strength training
  • Body Conditioning
  • & Core Stability

Now I don’t profess to know anything about the above, but I had a bit of a look into it, and actually think it could be of some real benefit to me in the ‘off-season’.

I’ve been a few times now and am actually quite enjoying it and already feel better for having done it.

I’ve been trying to balance what workouts I do, but I’ve mostly been concentrating on the areas that I feel will be of most benefit for me – as I am hoping that this could help me build up some straight for the swimming with the upper body workouts and with my legs for the cycling through the lower body workout – [I call it a work out in the loosest possible of sense!]

I’ve also bought some tension bands that I have been using for work on my upper arms and shoulders to simulate the upper body swimming motion which I have been using in the mornings and before going to bed.

In addition to this I also saw a documentary on TV about High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT as it is more commonly known – HIIT is all about intensity [don’t forget to warm up!!] – and you don’t have to do it for very long, but you have to put as much effort as possible in for short bursts.

Basically, the guinea pigs did a very basic HIIT programme which could be completed in 15minutes, and needed no fancy kit and no special equipment:

  • 60 seconds HIIT
    • star jumps
    • mountain climbers
    • burpees
  • followed by:
    • 90 seconds cool-down,
    • repeating 6times – 15minutes in total

Before the volunteers started, they had their blood pressures measured, and performed a VO2 max test, which measures aerobic fitness – ie. how strong your heart and lungs are which is commonly seen as a very good measure of overall fitness.

Anyhow, roll on one month, what intrigued me most were the results of the study that they conducted on the TV show – the people doing the basic HIIT programme in the comfort of their own home saw a 12% improvement in their VO2 max in only one month.

…So I thought … why not!?

…Watch this space…!


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