When we think about inspiration, what inspires us most are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

So, what is inspiration?

the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something

It can be anyone – it could be you? – you can inspire people.

The beautiful thing about inspiration is that anyone has the power to be an inspiration.

You can face giant mountains on your own, and be daunted at the thought – but you can reach the summit of those mountains simply by being inspired.

What it means is that too many of us fail to see the greatness within ourselves.

Too many of us assume that a person is only great if he / she makes national headlines.

In fact, sometimes the most inspiring people in the world go completely unnoticed.

Understand that you can be (and probably have been) an inspiration to someone – no matter what you feel you have or have not achieved in your life.
When you role around the internet looking at different peoples blogs, you do come across little gems of wisdom, and inspirational memes, images, pictures and / or sayings.
I am going to build a collection of these here – enjoy!
If you find any that you think I should add, drop me a line via the contact page, or message me below.

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