Go hard – Go safe – Have fun – Smile & Enjoy.

Wow! – so where did that last 6months go…?

….the training is done, the taper is done, and I am only…

2 days, 9 hours, 2 minutes and 59 seconds

…away from starting my next Half Ironman distance event at Outlaw Half in Nottingham.

I have tomorrow (Friday) off work as my folks are coming down south to travel to Nottingham on Saturday with us, where we will meet my brother – this will be my awesome support crew! – I am expecting a lot from them!

We have hired a little airbnb house just local to the venue so I am hoping that we can get checked in and settled relatively quickly on Saturday so that we can have a nice evening together as a family and catch up, before the mayhem of the Sunday morning kicks in!

I race in the first wave at 06:30am & my race number is #257.

257 is a cool race number – as an aside, when we used to live in Leytonstone, I used to get on the #257 bus to Walthamstow every day, so it actually has relatively sentimental value to me, and it’s easy to remember when i go to registration!

Between now and then, I have a few things to do but I am all but ready for Sunday.

I am not sure if it is a good thing or not, but I feel less anxious about the Half  Ironman distance this time around – for one, I’ve done one before, and in theory i know sort of what to expect; but i am also really looking forward to it.  Yes i do feel some trepidation, but no nerves would be wrong!

To summarise; I currently feel:

Nervous but Ready.

I feel in good physical condition this time round, and I think the last week where I have slowed down during my taper has worked wonders again.

I feel mentally prepared.

I have thought about each of the disciplines A LOT.

I feel confident in my training, and my body – which at this stage will go a long way to getting me over the line.

Over the last few months I have given my body a bit of a hammering, and I am really pleased to have come this far in the main injury-free.

2016 has been a hard slog, full of a lot of ups and downs, and highs and lows – that aside, but I know have trained hard & I am hoping that with a little bit of personal perseverance, perspiration, self-belief and effort on the day I know I can do this. 

Come on Outlaw Half – lets do this.

Good luck and see you out there.

I’ll be the dude in the white swimming hat with the biggest grin on the morning.

Go hard – Go safe – Have fun – Smile  & Enjoy.





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