18 DAYS TO GO..!

I haven’t blogged on here for a while, and thought best to throw a quick post up about how my training for the Outlaw Half has been going.

….arrrrrgggghhh! – 18 days to go!!!

Panic Over.

Well, firstly – training has been going well!  I have been out on the bike, in the pool and on the road running – and I’ve been enjoying it – gone are the Jan, Feb & Mar blues it seems… FINALLY!


  • Swim: I have had some really enjoyable swim sessions in the last few weeks  – which for me is an achievement in itself – I am not a swimmer, far from it in fact, but I feel fresh and strong in the pool at the moment.  As it is still quite early in the season, I have yet to go open water swimming at Redricks, but I am hoping to squeeze a session in before the 29th May.
  • Bike: I won’t go into too much detail, however, my bike is coming along really nicely – I have been trying to concentrate on my cadence and power output in an attempt to find my sweet spot.  Unlike the last 2 years, where I just ‘made it up as I went along and with how the course dictated‘, I have been really focusing on slightly longer and more taxing turbo sessions and thus far it seems to be paying off.  One slight drawback is – it is pretty boring in the garage!

the 4 faces of tonights bike turbo session…!


  • Run: Somewhat bizarrely my run has actually been weak in recent months.  I just feel pretty fatigued whilst running – actually, boredom is probably more accurate.  Unfortunately I just feel quite pre-occupied with a number of things at the moment and I just can’t seem to focus on actually being ‘in the moment’.  I have never struggled with that in the past.  I suppose i just need to snap out of it.  That said, I am pacing well, and still confident that I will go sub 2hours for a half marathon within a Half  Ironman event.
  • Brick sessions:  I have done a few bike to run brick sessions which have gone surprisingly well, and the cramping that I have had in previous years was all but non-existent, that is except for one session when I cramped for the first 1km or so, after which it eventually wore off.
  • Outlaw Half:  The waves have been announced and the race numbers selected – I will be in the first wave and am race number 257.


2 months ago, I posted the following in my blog….

So, with today being the 29th February 2016 and a leap year, I have made this pledge to myself.

  • I will pick myself up, I will dust myself off, and I will get my life back.
  • In exactly 3 months – I will have completed the Outlaw Half.
  • I will devote as much time between now & then training.
  • I will believe that i can do this.
  • I will make myself proud.

In 18days – I will be able to tick all of the above boxes.

In order that I achieve this…

  • I have to be strong.
  • I need to believe.
  • I need to have confidence.
  • I will achieve.

strength copy



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