2016, aka. “The Year of the Cockpunch”, “Turning Point”, & “Thank you”.

Back in October 2015, I set myself the goal of doing a half marathon each month from September – I managed RunReigate , Peterborough Half , & Stevenage Half and then took December easy.

So I bounced into 2016 with a smile on my face off the back of 2015 armed with a few things I wanted to achieve and with Outlaw Half firmly in my mind.

  • focus on Half Ironman distances in the immediate, in an attempt to get my times down, and improve
  • Sub-1h 40m for a half marathon
  • Sub 6hr Half Ironman / Outlaw Half

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan.

My work schedule has been hectic beyond belief, and I have had next to no time for training as have been working 50-60 hour weeks.  Sadly in addition to this, the desire to train has just not been there – I haven’t unravelled it in my mind – possibly fatigue, possibly the weather / season – but I know one thing, when I get to the bottom of it, I will no doubt have a ‘oh yes’ moment of clarity, so please watch this space.

In addition to this, very sadly we had the unenviable decision to make to have my cat Button put to sleep after getting taken ill very suddenly with a tumour in January.

Ever since then, I have been struggling to feel motivated, to feel interested [in anything] as I just feel quite low, teary and emotional a lot of the time – even though she has been gone a month now, the house feels genuinely empty without her.

Hot off the heels of that, in early February, I also had some bad news about my Dads health.  Upon my parents return from holiday, my Dad, who is normally fit as a fiddle, was taken ill after suffering a pulmonary embolism.  As my parents live a long way from me, I have not yet been able to visit, but have been speaking every few days to see how he is fairing.

Hence my comment about the Year of the Cockpunch.

If these things are sent to weaken our resolve – my resolve had been thoroughly weakened, and we aren’t even in March yet.

Anyhow – back in October 2016, I entered the Cambridge Half Marathon as it was fairly local, and I wanted to use it as part of my Outlaw Half preparation / training.

I am not going to go into all the details of the race – it was a good course, well organised & administered on the day, fast, flat, but narrow in places, and I successfully completed it.

A few things / observations…

  • My performance:
    • It wasn’t all that pretty! (the route was though!)
      • No PBs were broken.
      • The last few miles really hurt
      • BUT…. I got round
        • It wasn’t the sufferfest I thought it would be
        • I actually enjoyed it!

1hr 53m 10s – not my fastest time – but understandably so.

I went into this with no training since December (literally nothing, nada, zip, zilch), and to be honest – finishing was was an achievement in itself.

I also really enjoyed it – it was good to be out running again, and I realised how much I had missed it.

turning point

Now I’m not going to say that I had an epiphany when I work up this morning, because I’m not sure I did.  I woke up, and the sun was shining, and 1 day after completing Cambridge, I felt stiff & tired – but I felt better in myself – better than I have in a long time.

Strength does not come from lifting weights.

Strength comes from having the ability to lift yourself up having been knocked down.

If you believe you can – you are halfway there.

So, with today being the 29th February 2016 and a leap year, I have made this pledge to myself.

  • I will pick myself up, I will dust myself off, and I will get my life back.
  • In exactly 3 months – I will have completed the Outlaw Half.
  • I will devote as much time between now & then training.
  • I will believe that i can do this.
  • I will make myself proud.

Thank you for reading.

thank you


2 thoughts on “2016, aka. “The Year of the Cockpunch”, “Turning Point”, & “Thank you”.

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