2015 retrospective!

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The last day of 2015 is upon me, and what better way to round off a fantastic year with a 2015 retrospective.

So my blog has been going for 1 year now, and taking a look back to almost exactly 1 year ago to this post, I have realised that I have come quite a way.

Training in the early part of the year went well on the turbo-trainer and I found myself racking up the hours in the garage.

My swimming was also improved and I found myself enjoying swimming and most importantly actually making some progression.  Ok – so I am never going to be an amazing swimmer, however I am a competent swimmer now and have swum numerous times in open water with RG-Active.

I’ve had some ups and downs with my ear which I think (touch wood) is now sorted – I lost and then found my running mojo after Staffordshire – i think i was more broken after Staffs than i perhaps realised and had not 100% recovered.

I’ve mastered the art of negative splits & have been doing this regularly on traiining runs for 6months or so now.

I’ve run a number of half marathons (MK, Reigate, Peterborough, & Stevenage).

But most importantly, my A-race for 2015, and the reason behind this blog was of course, Staffordshire Half Ironman. (After action reports can be found, here, here , here & pics here!)

my goals for the day were to…

  1. finish
    1. finish under 7hrs maximum
    2. finish under 6hrs45 if possible
    3. …anything less than 6hrs 45 is a bonus!
  2. not drown
  3. not fall off the bike
  4. not walk during the run leg
  5. enjoy the day

I was officially a Half Ironman!


I am Ironman!






These are some of the messages I got from friends when I completed:

Top effort!! I keep looking at the distances and thinking “no way”!

Congrats and well done !!!! J

What an amazing self-achievement. Inspirational to the max! – Very well done and we are all very proud of you! Our very own ‘Iron Man’

Wow – well done Robert – Never doubted you could do it .You deserve to feel proud of yourself.  Congratulations.

Rob, congratulations!  You can be very proud!!!

Well done, we are proud just knowing you!

Congratulations, brilliant – all that way and still smiling!

My running has also progressed:

  • more than 5mins off my 2013 10k PB (48m 50s)
  • 13mins off my 2014 15k PB (1h 14m 17s)
  • 15mins off my 2014 10mile PB (1h 19m 53s)
  • 17mins off my 2014 20k PB (1h 40m 30s)
  • My half marathon is now 1h 43 37s and has come down by more than 17mins, possibly more like 20mins, based on a 20.3km vs 21.1km half marathon distance.

That is the progress in one year from 2014 to 2015 – imagine where I will be this time next year!

2015 has been a brilliant year for me.


2016 & the future!

As I mentioned in this blog – there really are so many options – however, this is not always a good thing.  Too many options gives you decision fatigue, and in the world of Triathlons, it seems that there are so many excellent events to choose from – but you can’t do them all – and as such you need to be selective, and find the correct event for you.

The biggest decision is to choose the option that is right for me right for my aspirations – right for what I want to achieve – right for my lifestyle, in order that I do not set myself up to fail from the start, or overstretch myself in the run-up to each event and get injured.

  • As for the 2016 Season
    • I am going to focus my training on Half Ironman distances in the immediate, in an attempt to get my times down, and improve.
    • I want to go sub-1h 40m for a half marathon!
    • Sub 6hr Half Ironman.
    • My A-race for next year is the Outlaw Half at Nottingham
    • I am also thinking about also taking part at the Outlaw Half at Holkham in Norfolk.
    • hindsight IS a valuable thing, and 1year down the line, I now realise that as the bike section occupies the largest distance and as such the longest time, I should have concentrated on the individual disciplines in the following order bike > run > swim in order that i can get my bike time down.

Happy New Year to all of my followers & good luck in 2016

I don’t know a whole lot about you – but what I do know is that you will have stumbled across my little blog via twitter or wordpress.

I really do hope that you have taken something out of it.

I will elave you with this nice little image that is a nice little analogy for triathlon / Ironman / marathon / & life.

Good luck.



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