I haven’t blogged on here for a while, and thought best to throw a quick post up about the Stevenage Half Marathon on Sunday 1st November 2015.

It was a much easier day logistically for me as it was only a short walk down the road from home to the start.  The day itself started off very misty, but soon burnt off and for a Novembers day, it was actually really mild – amazing really for this time of year. (i actually had caught the sun ever so slightly and had red cheeks the next day! – who would have thought it in November in Stevenage!)

The route itself was pretty well known to me and it was pretty hilly throughout and comprised of 2 laps.

In the weeks leading up to the race, I had been really busy with work and had not run a whole huge amount since Peterborough – perhaps only a half a dozen runs or so and as such I was feeling quite well rested.

Anyhow – the race itself was very good – although I must admit, yes it was a tough route with some fairly undulating sections, but overall I really  enjoyed it.

Admittedly, I was aiming for another personal best; in hindsight, if I am 100% honest with myself, the course just was never going to allow me to perform as quickly as i did at Peterborough or Reigate, but i did get a respectable time of 1hr49mins15s.

Ok, so I didn’t break any personal bests, but looking back, several things have become apparent to me, and I need to be realistic and ensure that I measure apples with apples.

  1. Peterborough was a pan-flat course – hence the PB
  2. Reigate was a flattish course (except the fecker at the end of course!) – hence the decent time

In hindsight, if I were to rank these in order of difficulty, I would say that Stevenage was hillier than Reigate; and Reigate was hillier than Peterborough!

… and upon assessment of the results – this tallies!

  • Stevenage: 1hr49mins15s
  • Reigate: 1hr:46m:44s
  • Peterborough: 1hr44mins06s

Yes – so that’s 3 half marathons in 3 months! – next stop…. December, Xmas, 2016, January, and then Cambridge Half Marathon… and then Half Ironman Training for Outlaw!

As we are nearly entering December in 2015, my thoughts are now shifting to the New Year – 2016 –  it looks nice.

2016 is going to bring some more challenges for me – another Ironman, in that of the Half Outlaw, but the biggest question currently in my mind is should I go Long in 2016?

Anyhow – I just wanted to get these last points down so that I can use it to recall how 2015 went for my 2015 retrospective blog and my year in review.


  • 2015 retrospective
    • what went well?
      • why did it go well?
    • what didn’t go so well?
      • why didn’t it go so well?
    • what could I improve in?
      • how?
      • why?
  • 2016 plans


See you on the next blog – thanks again for reading!


3 thoughts on “#STEVENAGE HALF MARATHON After Action Report!

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