run reigate

I’ve not blogged on here for a while, so thought I would just pop a quick blog up to summarise the last few weeks or so training in preparation for Run Reigate & beyond.

Training for Run Reigate is going well & in recent weeks I have been out on some longer runs – some 15’s, 13’s and 12km’s, with my base level running of 5’s and 10’s still ticking over nicely.

I’ve been fortunate enough to also build in some much needed rest periods – unfortunately, I was beginning to ache a bit, and had possibly overtrained toward the end of August, but have since reigned it in, and am feeling a lot better in myself & in my body.

I am aiming for sub 1hr 50mins again – this time around I am wanting to hit 1hr 45mins if I can.  However, in light of the fact that I know the area is pretty hilly in places, I am not 100% confident that this will be achievable.  Either way, I will be giving it my best shot.

I am actually really looking froward to heading back to my old stomping ground – down the hill from Reigate, through to Lonesome Lane, and back up the A217 which will be pretty much the route that I will be running – so am really looking forward to seeing how the area has changed.

Watch this space..!


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