I blogged last month about my immediate plans for the remainder of the 2015 season and the forthcoming 2016 season, and just wanted to update with how these plans are going – I am really pleased to say that subject to getting them booked of course, I have opted on the following events:

  • Reigate Half Marathon: September 20th 2015
  • Peterborough Half Marathon: October 11th 2015
  • Stevenage Half Marathon: November 1st 2015
  • Bedford Half Marathon: December 6th 2015
  • Cambridge Half Marathon: TBC March 2016

Basically, for the observant of you [!], I’ve set myself the goal of running one half marathon per month until Christmas to motivate me through into the Winter period.  I have been quite selective, and have tried to keep these relatively local to home, and am really excited about the prospect of getting more halves under my belt.

As I previously mentioned, it was my intention to register for the Monster in Ely as it is relatively local to me, however, sadly a diary clash now unfortunately permits me from doing so – perhaps next year?!  I have also not ruled out a cheeky sprint triathlon before the end of the 2015 season, just for the buzz of racing a sprint again.. and if I can find one local, I’ll be all over it!

The A-race for me in 2016 is going to be another 70.3 distance – and after some facepalming and emo moments this morning, having secured VIP early entry, I am really pleased to confirm that I will be racing the Outlaw Half Ironman on 29th May 2016 – from everything I have read about the OSB events, and specifically the Outlaw and Outlaw Half, I am really excited & looking forward to this one!


 …and maybe another one later on in the 2016 season! Ahem!

 Now, the next step is to focus on my bike, and kill the outlaw half!


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