more progress


So last week, in this blog, I spoke about how I had made some progress in getting my run-mojo back and to get run-happy.  I set myself two challenges:

  1. Run every day last week,
  2. and to gross 50k in the process

Ok, so I only ran 5 days out of 7, in part because of poor weather, and subsequently only managed 41.64km for the week – not a great issue in my opinion – the idea was quality, and I think I achieved that.

Anyhow, roll on a couple of days, and after the training I did last week, tonight’s run culminated in me running a 10km PB last night!

As a reference point, my previous PB for 10km was achieved on a pan-flat course – and the time was 49mins 48secs, and was at MK Half Marathon in the final 10km [11km-21km].

So, roll on to last night, I took my usual country route out from home which features some winding undulating country lanes, but added a more technical section with some steep and rolling hills into the mix.  I had run a very similar course previously and found some of the more technical sides quite tough, but the overall idea being that I wanted to use the good pacing that I had achieved the week before to focus on consistency of pace.

I started off at a decent pace, and soon realised after around 3km that I had a good degree of ‘kick’ in my legs, so I went for it.

First observation was that it felt good!

The hills were a bit unsurprisingly of a grind, but I got up them without decreasing in pace too much, and pushed on through.  At around 8km, I was really feeling the burn, but  I put my head down, and after some mental mathematics, soon realised that I was close to sub 50mins for 10km.

Now I took this as a great leap from where I was only 2/3 weeks ago post-Croatia holiday and in the final few hundred yards I pushed on and stopped my watch at 10.01km with a time of 49mins 48secs.

I had only gone and matched my 10km PB to the second!

Anyhow – I was chuffed, and quickly trotted on home, and downloaded the run to my pc and took a good look at the analysis that the garmin & endomondo provides via the gps files.

A couple of things that I’ve noticed:

  1. I run very well in the latter part of runs – this is something I have noticed over the last few months whereby I nearly always run negative splits
  2. I pretty much ran negative splits from start to finish [check the second graph which shows the 2km clustered view of the 10km; 10m29s, 10m06s, 9m47s, 9m44s, 9m35s!]
  3. Pacing was pretty spot on from 5km-10km, with only a 5second variance for splits 4min51s – 4min56s
  4. I got a new 10km PB! – 49mins40s, knocking 8seconds of my previous fastest time! YAY! \o/

290720154 290720151 290720152 290720153

 The cut and thrust of this post is:

  • in one week, I had made progress!
  • it felt great!
  • I am really rather chuffed!


  • Progression
  • Headway
  • Improvement
  • Development
  • Growth

more progress



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