Mojo found…. repeat Mojo found…!

Mugginess, heat and summer have landed [albeit the downpour this afternoon would indicate otherwise!*] & since I returned from Croatia, somewhat annoyingly, I have been feeling sluggish when running.

So this week, I set myself a mini challenge:

  1. Run every day this week *
  2. Gross 50km by the end of the week

So, as of today, I’ve hit 32km for 4 days running.

Now I realise it’s not a huge amount – but my aim was to get my mojo back, and get run-happy.

When I say run-happy I mean concentrating on pacing – because of this I’ve concentrated on quality – ie. even pacing, & speed.

I feel great!

*Whilst I did set myself the challenge of running every day, looking at the weather outside, I would be foolish to go running in case of injury, so I’m going to treat myself to a pint!


2 thoughts on “Mojo found…. repeat Mojo found…!

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