the future is ours to create.


The next step…!

Without sounding like a script writer for the “Back to The Future” trilogy or the “Terminator” quadrilogy or wherever they are up to now, but, the “Future Is Ours to Create.”  – we are the authors of our own destination – we create the content that enriches our lives and with this we feel more passion to drive to achieve the goals that we set ourselves, no matter how far, long, short or high those may be.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the main burning question in my mind has been what’s next for me?

Go long? …

Go short? …

Half Marathons? …

Marathons? …

Goals? …

Objectives? ….

There really are so many options – however, this is not always a good thing.  Too many options gives you decision fatigue, and in the world of Triathlons, it seems that there are so many excellent events to choose from – the Eton Dorneys, the Nice-tri Events, up to the London Triathlon, and so on and so forth.  They are all amazing events to take part in – but you can’t do them all – and as such you need to be selective, and find the correct event for you.

The biggest decision is to choose the option that is right for me right for my aspirations – right for what I want to achieve – right for my lifestyle, in order that I do not set myself up to fail from the start, or overstretch myself in the run-up to each event and get injured.

As we are now well into July 2015, and with us part way through the Triathlon Season, I have decided that I am going to:

  • book x2 Half Marathons, over the next few months:
    • x1 in September, &
    • x1 in October.
  • book x1 further Half Ironman distance event in August
    • event TBC, likely to be Monster in Ely
  • book x1 sprint distance triathlon at Eton Dorney.
    • event TBC
  • As for the 2016 Season
    • after much thought, I think I have come to the conclusion that I am going to focus my training on Half Ironman distances in the immediate, in an attempt to get my times down, and improve.
    • This is likely to be the Outlaw Half in Nottinghamshire.
    • however, the lure of running down the red IM chute and high-fiving the big man is still very much there on my mind!
    • & as such, I have not ruled out a full Ironman distance for the latter part of next year – which in all likelihood will be IM UK At Bolton…if the above desire is too much!

So that’s about it – some progress in my mind – now just to get registered and back in the groove with the running which seems to be quite a mission at the moment in light of the current heat, mugginess, and pollen count…!


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