so …. what next?

what next

So a few weeks has elapsed since Staffordshire, and this is the burning question in my mind.  so – what’s next for me?

The easiest answer is – I really don’t know.

But a few things have struck me in the last few weeks:

I have loved the last year… yes, it may have had some highs and lows – but overall, the experience has been a definite positive one within my life.  One thing is for sure – I do want to carry on training.

Ok – so I may never make it – and I may never become an amazing athlete – but first and foremost i have enjoyed the experience – and in my books that counts for a lot.

On my holiday with the Mrs to Croatia over the last few weeks, I realised that over the last year I have genuinely loved being active, being outdoors, exercising, but most of all – I have loved challenging myself – which is exactly what this was all about for me – getting fit, challenging myself, and doing something out of my comfort zone – & if I could raise some cash for the BHF, then all the better!

I’ve thought long and hard about it – specifically, what I want to achieve why I want to achieve it – and in my mind there are a number of distinct immediate options:

2015 season options..

  1. persist with 70.3 – perhaps complete another 1 this season? – possibly this as it has a relatively cheap entry fee & is quite local to Stevenage?
  2. Step down from 70.3 and do some Olympic distances?
  3. Something else*?

2016 season options..

  1. persist with 70.3’s
    1. eyes on IM Staffordshire 70.3 again to benchmark from this year
    2. Outlaw Half 70.3
    3. IM Wimbleball 70.3
  2. and then up to a full Ironman later in the season?
    1. possibly Bolton
    2. Outlaw Full
    3. or another Full?
  3. Something else*?

I’s the something else that is actually sticking in my mind – what other things could I do? [by all means comment below!]

Either way – I need to make a decision soon, as entries will be opening shortly judging from last years open dates!

In the immediate though, I need to shed some of the holiday excess baggage and get back training ASAP!

*The something else could be to concentrate on specific goals: off the top of my head:

  • sub 20min 5k – PB currently at 22mins 47s (ITU Hyde Park London)
  • sub 45min 10k – PB 49mins 48s (MK Half Marathon negative splits for the last 10k!).
  • sub 1hr 45min half marathon – PB currently 1hr 48:19s (MK Half Marathon) – with the aim of going sub 1hr 40, which for someone that could not run more than a few hundred yards a few years ago is pretty darn respectable!

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