1 day 9 hours 36 minutes 23 seconds


… until the start of #IM703STAFFS !!

I race at 07:20am & my race number is #621.

All packed, ready to go – tyres pumped, kit checked and all raring to go!

We are heading to Shugborough early on Saturday AM to register, rack, get briefed, and get all rucksacked and chipped up…!

…and then it’s the big wait!!

In theory, timing chip issues aside, you can track me on Sunday morning HERE – it is a free android or ios / apple download and you should be able to see my progress through the day as I make my way around the Staffordshire countryside – 07:20am & race number #621.

To summarise; I currently feel:




Ready to roll.

Slightly scared!

I feel in good physical condition – the taper has worked it’s wonders – and I feel mentally prepared.  I have thought about each of the disciplines A LOT – and I feel confident in my training, my taper, and my body – which at this stage goes a long way to getting me over the line, hopefully high-fiving Paul Kaye in the process!!

Everything aside, 2015 to date has been a hard slog – and in hindsight, I perhaps underestimated the energy, and time needed to be 100% prepared, but I know overall I have trained hard & with a little bit of personal perseverance, perspiration, self-belief and effort on the day I know I can do this. 


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