numbers, numbers everywhere! [9, 621]

So last night at around midnight – I received my race number by email – I will be racing under the number 621.  It plopped through into my email with no fanfare or drum-roll, and when I opened it the penny dropped – it is really not long now!!

Excitement filled with some nerves – but overall I am really looking forward to it – I’ve had some really good training sessions in the last week or so, including a nice swim on Weds 3rd eve, and a couple of nice runs to blow out the cobwebs, so my confidence is back to where I wanted it.

Another bonus is that the summer weather seems to be coming around now – and the sun has been out today, and although it was hot running, it was nice! – must hydrate… must hydrate… must hydrate!

In addition to receiving my race number finally, I am not quite sure how I missed it but there is only 9 days to go!!

9 2 9 3 9 4 9 5

So – on that note… it’s taper time!! – let’s do some R&R and lets get my body back to 100% for the big day!


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