In this blog post I talked about my goals based on my previous triathlon performance / outings.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing & 6months down the line, I think 2 out of 3 of my targets / goals were realistic, and 1 was slightly far off the mark.

  1. SWIM: I am confident about a swim time of 48 mins.
  2. RUN: I am confident that I can hit my target of 2 hours for the run.
  3. BIKE: I have however struggled to hit the 28km/h average over long distance, and in training I have been averaging around 23-25km/h, which will of course have a rather large impact on my overall time for the Staffs Half IM.  So, with regret, I am adjusting my goal for the bike to 03hrs:45mins – 04hrs:00mins.

With that in mind, basing my “SWIM” + “adjusted BIKE” + “RUN”, I am now realistically estimating that I will complete somewhere between 6hr45 and 7hrs.

Anything less than either of these times and I will be over the moon!

Now – having said all that, the time is not the be all and end all – what I should have perhaps mentioned in my initial blog post in January was – first and foremost, my goals for the day are to…

  1. finish
    1. finish under 7hrs maximum
    2. finish under 6hrs45 if possible
    3. …anything less than 6hrs 45 is a bonus!
  2. not drown
  3. not fall off the bike
  4. not walk during the run leg
  5. enjoy the day

I will be a happy camper if 1-5 happen on 14th June.

In closing, as I mentioned in my second paragraph – hindsight IS a valuable thing, and 6 months down the line, I now realise that as the bike section occupies the largest distance and as such the longest time, I should have concentrated on the individual disciplines in the following order:




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