nerves, doubt & self-belief


Males of average height have about 4grams of Iron in their body – so, with that tiny amount, technically we are all Ironmen or Ironwomen.

That said, having nerves and/or doubt is a pain – it rots your confidence, and causes you to doubt your capacity to doe the job at hand.

Self-belief cancels both nerves & doubt out – and the ability to park any nerves, will help anyone get through the day.

Every now and then over the last few months, nerves and doubt have kicked in for me – can I do this? can I swim 1.9k? can I cycle 90k? can I run 21k? or will I fail?

Well the dice above could be the answer – yes / no / maybe.

One thing is for sure – I know that I have put in as much effort in my preparation as was humanly possible –  I know I wont have been the only one in this position, but, trusting in my training, trusting in my body, & a little self- belief will go a long way as to getting me through the day.


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