20 & bike recce

20Only 20 days to go!

This weekend I headed North with my support crew [the Mrs!] via Lincoln and Staffordshire for a stag do in Nottingham – the reason for the complicated route was of course to check out the Staffordshire bike course.

The video below courtesy of @dan_winkworth was very useful, however I thought take some time out of the weekend when en route to Nottingham, to head there and check out the course directly for myself.

bike courseThe route itself looks pretty technical overall.  There do appear to be some pretty winding country road sections – with some fairly fast downhills.  Overall, the climbs do not look to fierce [I may regret saying that in 20 days time though] – I think I only used the word ‘sh*tpig’ once  – and overall I am really upbeat about the prospect of riding the course yes, it is going to be a hell of a slog – but I am well up for the challenge.

Overall – feeling upbeat & looking forward to Staffs – back when I made this blog post I was 161 days away – in reality that has flown by & I am sure that the next 20 days will fly by also!

Eyes down for the last few days training – a couple of open water sessions, a longer ride or two, and a few runs and into June, and then into my taper. When i said things were getting serious the other day – I actually mean it now! Kind of nervous feeling – but excited.  Very excited.


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