Why? When? & How to taper?

Just a quick blog post – more of a mental reminder / post-it note on the travelcard type thing….!

I need to start thinking about tapering!


The primary purpose of a taper in triathlon is to shed any body fatigue in order to sharpen your fitness prior to your event.

Check out this hi-tech graph….


This is achieved by lowering the training volume and duration, whilst maintaining the intensity, allowing the body to recover, without a loss in fitness, so that maximum performance can be achieved on your event day.  It is basically about, rest and recovery – and exists to allow your body to be 100% fit in time for your event – ie. it is best to go into a race, 100% healthy and 90% fit, as opposed to 100% fit and 90% healthy.

Having read various articles, there are a number of recommendations – I won’t go into the details, as I am sure your google prowess is as good as the next persons [and probably mine], but judging on my previous years’ triathlon performances, where I have tapered for around 5days (which was ample), for Staffordshire I am going to taper for 10days.

During the 10 days in the run up to the 14th June, I am going to use running and swimming as my base level fitness to keep my body ticking over but allow recovery, which will hopefully get me in top condition for the day – during the taper I will of course do some small spin sessions to keep my bike legs.

But I think this time around, 10 is going to be my magic number.

Trust your taper – trust in 10…!



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