35 days to go, stuff to do, & promo vids…!

35 days to go!

So – with less than 35 days to go until the Staffordshire Half Ironman, things are getting serious!

Yes – the nerves have kicked in – but, with MK half marathon behind me, I am looking forward now more than ever – MK gave me a much needed confidence boost, as I was feeling low because of a variety of things – my ear, some bad runs, and some cycles that I had in recent weeks.  It’s amazing how much of an uplift MK has had on me.

Stuff to do &/or done!

With only 35 days to go – I’ve also been having a think about some of my kit, so, today I purchased a few things from chain reaction cycles

  1. an under saddle bottle holder – along with x2 cages & x2 bottles.
  2. High5 energy gels
  3. electrolyte tabs
  4. zone 3 tri top & shorts
  5. spare tubes

I’m pleased with the purchases & looking forward to taking delivery and testing in a few days!

I have some things in the pipeline over the course of the next few weeks including, some much needed open water swimming practice at Redricks , but that said, in the forthcoming weeks, I am looking at ramping down my training, sticking to only two of each discipline each week for the next few weeks, and then tapering off so that I am in good condition for 14th June 2015.

Getting excited now!

On the other hand…. one thing that I will be ramping up is my fundraising push!

Promo vids!

I am really keen to hit £3K for the BHF this year, and to help this cause, I knocked this little video up this afternoon…… Now I’m no Martin Scorcese, or David Lynch – …  but please ENJOY & don’t forget to dig deep!

2015 vid

2015 vid 2


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