MK half marathon

WOWSER! – so that was a great little morning out!

Rose at 6am and had a nice light breakfast – cereal, and light fry-up of poached eggs, beans and waffles, and hopped in the car to MK – it’s only a short drive for us from Stevenage through to MK so it only took around an hour to get to the MK Dons stadium by around 08:30am, in time for the start at 10:00am.

It was pretty busy upon arrival within the stadium, with various runners, and runners families milling about waiting to see their loved ones off for a tour of the stupendous architectural heritage of MK!

Today, I already had a time in mind before I set off – 1hr 50 & I would be happy – slightly quicker than my Half Ironman pace that i will be thrashing out next month.

Race number and timing chip collected, & with 10am fast approaching, we headed down to the start line to bag a decent position – i said my goodbyes to my much better half, and agreed a meeting point and waited….

After a few mexican waves, and some cheesy dance music, it was time to get down to business…

Roll on 10:00am… and the claxon going, I had deliberately positioned myself at the start between the 1hr55 and the 1hr50 pacemakers who would be adorned with balloons for the duration of the race.

I set off at a reserved pace just to blow the cobwebs out, warm-up & the first few kilometers whizzed by without any issue – it was quite fun actually, if i am 100% honest…!

Eventually I drew level with the 1hr 50 pacemaker, suddenly realising that in teeny tiny letters, he was actually the sub-1hr50 pacemaker..! – not to worry – I was doing ok… I was level with the 1hr 50 pacemaker, and ahead of the 1hr 55 pacemaker – so I wasn’t too bothered about losing a few hundred meters to the pacemaker over the next few kilometers as I was still well in line with my target.

I hit 10k in around 53mins and I felt great – no foot issues, no blisters – nothing to worry about.

Hydration / energy wise, my plan was as follows –

  • hydrate with 2 bottles at each water stop
  • bottle 1 to drink as required (not too much)
  • bottle 2 for cooling – ie. chuck over ones head
  • if by the next watering station bottle 1 has not run out, do a bottle 2 with bottle 1!
  • collect more water, & rinse and repeat…!

Mile 3 came and went, 6 whistled by, and by mile 9 this seemed to be working great.

Along came 11k in 59m01; 12k in 1hr03:57;  13k in 1hr09:03;  &14k in sub 1hr 15! – & I still felt great – and in hindsight, looking at the stats – I was flying! – see below… hurrah!

mk2At around 17k I had drawn level to the sub-1hr50 pacemaker, so I stuck with him for a little longer, but soon realised that I could probably pull away as I had the legs in me.

The last 3 miles were great, my legs felt loose, and springy, and the last few kilometers rocketted by!

I entered the stadium, and saw my screaming fan – Mrs S – gave a wave and head down to the finish line, eventually finishing with a semi-sprint…!

Finish time: 1hr 48:19s

mk6Check out the medal and post half marathon hydration below…!mk5Hindsight is a magical thing – as is wearing a garmin, as you can rip apart every run, ride, walk, hike, cycle by checking out your stats at the end.

And now some stats for you ….

I came 386 of 1677 in the MK half marathon!

I averaged 5:08min/km for the duration of the half marathon! – I was aiming for around 5:20 / 30min/km which would have got me in in around 1hr55ish.

mk1I got a 10k PB of 49m:48s …. between the 11th kilometer and 21st kilometer – go figure that one out…!? (see red line below)mk3& my 1hour distance has increased to 11.94km – from around the 9km to the finish line. (see red line below)mk4

I have come a long way since I started running … obvious pun intended…! … joking aside, around 3.5 years ago I could barely run 1 km in one go, I was the wrong side of 30, weight increasing, greying hair and receding (still is) – and today I completed a Half Marathon – that’s 21.097494 kilometres, or 13.1094 miles…  the equivalent of 23,000 steps to finish…assuming a stride length of 3 feet over a half marathon distance of 69,218 feet! Anyhow – I did it & I am dead chuffed!

Next stop – Staffordshire…!

NB.  in my Half Marathon tour of MK, I did not see a concrete cow – in truth I was moderately disappointed, so I have included one as the featured image for future reference as proof of their existence..! Enjoy!



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