aaaarrgggh! – only 2 months to go….!

In other news…

Good things…

  1. My swim is coming along nicely – up to race distance and loving it (see #1 below)
  2. I’ve entered the Milton Keynes Half Marathon
  3. Run is going well

Bad things…

  1. I am now deaf in my left ear – I’ve always had ear problems since I was a child / teenager – but they seem to be back again – doctors appt to be booked, likely long wait for an appt… so watch this space…
  2. The bike section is going to be tough – seems my big leg muscles have gone into hibernation over the winter even with the turbo sessions that I did – I hope to get that up to speed soon…
  3. For the first time in a long time – I am getting blisters running …. hopefully get that licked also…

I’ll try and not leave it so long until the next update!


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