training plan

So here it is…. in all its glory – my 2015 half ironman training plan!

training planNow obviously it’s not quite as simple as this!

In real terms, I’m going to build in a variety of distances, and tempos, but also build in rest periods each month – 1 week in 4 to be precise.

Google is a fantastic thing.  I hopped on there and first hit when i did a search for half iron man training plan was – lo and behold they had some pre-made training plans, for the novice, up to the more advanced triathlete, but also for the time-poor and the time-rich athlete.  You can find there plans here…


So I trawled the plans – and there were a couple of things that struck me straight away:

  1. I was going to need to invest a lot of time in this – i knew this, so it didn’t come as a shock
  2. ideally you need to be training each discipline 2/3/4 times a week – 4 would be fantastic, albeit unlikely whilst holding down a full time job, 3 ideal, (which would still be 9 training sessions a week) , & 2 good.

In summary – i wanted to give each discipline a good balance – although, i am perhaps not doing as much in the water as i perhaps should do, but i am going to keep a close eye on that over the first month.  I eventually arrived at the following split.

  • 2 swims per week,
  • 2 bike turbo sessions per week – when Spring springs i will head out on the bike and not just the turbo exclusively
  • 3 runs per week (various distances, & mix of 5, 7, 10 & more)
  • and a brick (bike / run) combination,
  • with x1 rest day.

I am hoping this is not too much, and not too little – the run distances will vary, and it is my intention to go ‘north’ of 10k into March, and ‘north’ of 15k into April/ early-May, with mid-May being the start of my taper.

It’s all quite exciting really!

Now all i need to do is get a new saddle… and wear in my new trainers! – I’ve got 45 run sessions to do (300k), 26 turbos (estimate 1300K) , & 14 bricks (estimate 1000K) to do between now & June!*

* yes… thats potentially 2600km between now and June if my maths is correct….


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