swim bike run… & training plans…

Not a huge amount to report – but a couple of things sprang to mind…

So yesterday I hopped out and did a cheeky 10k run and I’m delighted to say…  it went alright! – i didn’t break any records but i got round sub 1hour in around 54mins – as I hadn’t done a 10k’er in a while, I was expecting it to hurt – however I got round in a decent time and felt good today – which is the most important thing in my book at the moment!

I also took a look into various training plans that varied in content from the achievable to the ridiculous… so watch this space, I will hopefully (touch wood!) have my training plan down on paper in some tangible form soon!

One thing that I did glean from looking at the training plans is that I have left myself plenty of time to achieve some of the 3month or 12 week plans as i have 17 weeks ….yay!

Turbo trainer is going well – really enjoying it – only snag to date is the chip for my Garmin GSC10 appears to not be functioning – it’s one of two things 1) the battery, or 2 ) not the battery – that i have established – however in truth, although the ability to check cadence is great i want to try and ‘feel it’ from my legs and get into a really natural rhythm that I can sustain for the 90km.

Oh yes – one other thing – i connected the heart rate monitor for the Garmin – what a great bit of kit – definitely going to look into getting my HR zones mapped and understand my body a little more – as i think that is going to be really key!

So – next on the agenda to sort out is…

  1. Saddle
  2. Swim
  3. training plan

Watch this space…


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