well, I’ve got a brand new turbotrainer, and i can give you the [allen] key….

It’s been a whilst since I last blogged about my half ironman journey.

First things first, setting up the turbotrainer!

After looking at various options on the market – and being a complete noob at turbotrainers and indoor cycle training having never attended a spin class, I opted for the following product available from Halfords for £120 and came with a 52% or £130 saving in the Christmas sale. (thanks to my awesome Mrs for a most excellent Christmas present! xxx)

This turbotrainer came with good reviews and a number of accessories including a mat, front-wheel riser & sweat protector.

Setting up the product itself was easy – just use the allen key provided… and you are away….!  It took around 10minutes and is really easy to use.

Once setup, I did my first session – wow! It was great!

The unit itself provides a variety of resistances & training levels – and so far I am very happy.

I currently am setup in the garage, but I can foresee me relocating to the back garden on the decking once the weather permits – sadly my garage does not have an electricity, although, that said, I am thinking of attaching a dynamo to the unit to power some lights… but so far have been practicing by torchlight & scaring the neighbours!

I have only done a few sessions to date – but at this time I am concentrating on pacing / cadence & stroke rhythm.  I have done a couple of 20km sessions, and a slightly longer 35km session.  The 35km session highlighted that even after a few sessions my cadence and stroke rhythm has improved – a graph of the 35km session is shown below.

  • Indoor cycling, Jan 6, 2015 5:34 PM

  • Indoor cycling; Jan 12, 2015 5:28 PM

  • Indoor cycling; Jan 13, 2015 5:44 PM

*it should be noted, a lot of the cadence drop-offs are actually the garmin not receiving / satellite issues on the ridedated, Jan 12.

So far I am really enjoying it – it is a great bit of kit – and am really looking forward to spending more time cranking through the km’s over the next few months!

Next thing on the agenda ….a new saddle…!


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